Inbound Marketing

Let us Build and Execute your Inbound Marketing Strategy

What do you get: Organic traffic from people in search of your products / services. We create remarkable content so that you can be found and recognized as an authority in your field.

What is it best for: Products or Services in need of Long-term results. Typically selling in the $500 – $20,000 price range. Customers typically research before buying.

Monthly Budget: 5k+

Geos: English speaking countries

Verticals: IT/Tech, Consulting, Legal, Financial, Recruiting, Healthcare, Consulting & many more

Ideal Client Profile: Offer Owners with a dedicated Marketing Manager

Cost of Service: Monthly package depending on level of service

Long-term contracts: 12 months

All work performed by HubSpot Certified team members

Our Team Manages


Leads generated


Keywords in client strategies


Leads being nurtured


Visitor to lead conversion rate (global average is 0.9%)


Campaigns Developed


Demand Content Created

Our Services

What You Get From Us






Growth-Driven Analysis & Reporting / per quarterApprox 3 hoursApprox 6 hoursApprox 12
SEO10 Keywords15 Keywords20 Keywords
Social3 Accounts6 Accounts9 Accounts
Paid1 Campaign2 Campaign
Marketing AutomationYesYes
Growth-Driven Agile Points to implement iprovements identified from analysis160 points480 points960 points
Content Offers and Content Promotion
eBooks in 12 months incl design and landing pages, form, lists4 x 1500 words4 x 3500 words6 x 3500 words
SEO optimized blogs written and posted per a week123
Content Calendar111
Marketing Automation & Buyers Journeys1 step4 steps8 steps
Social Media
Social Media Posts2 accounts3 accounts4 accounts
Social Selling Posts on Linkedln1 account2 accounts6 accounts
Twitter Monitoring & Proactive Social Media1 hour per week2 hours per week3 hours per week
Custom Landing Page Template12
Custom Email Template12
Email Marketing
Launch emails in 12 months446
Blog Newsletter in 12 months446
Promotional Offer in 12 months446
Paid Media
Campain including unique landing pages, forms, lists and workflows12
Sales Enablement
Sales Process and Automation OptimizationYesYes
Account Management
Status Meetings1/month2/month4/month
Performance ReportMonthlyWeeklyWeekly
Setup Over 12 monthsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Brand Induction Workshop
Develop persona profiles
Develop user journeys
Develop inbound game plan
Setup HubSpot
Keyword Research
Goal Setting
Competitor Analysis
Content Audit
Website Audit
Setup Social Media Profiles
Setup Social Inbox for Twitter Monitoring
HubSpot CRM setup or SalesForce Integration
HubSpot CRM Training (if required)

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