The Growth of Video and How To Leverage It

Online video has shown tremendous growth over the last couple of years. From 2013 to 2014, the number of videos viewed increased by 49 percent, according to comScore’s 2014 U.S. Online Video Rankings. That upward trend is continuing into 2016.

In a recent report, Cisco found that by 2019, nearly three-quarters of the world’s mobile traffic will be video-based. This is a considerable jump from 55 percent in 2014. More so, video has grown as an important marketing medium. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 82 percent of B2C marketers use video as part of their content marketing tactics.

“In the digital age, your competitors expand beyond your own market.”

While online video has a certain prevalence, not everyone knows how to leverage its power. One of the biggest challenges is creating the content without spending a fortune. The other is standing out. In the digital age, your competitors expand beyond your own market – you’re in pursuit of someone’s attention against millions of other options.

However, there are a few ways you can make sure you’re producing quality content and using this rapidly expanding medium to best serve your marketing strategy. Here, we discuss four ways to do so:

1. Take an Integrated Approach
If you want to make sure your video content works with the rest of your marketing strategy, build your efforts around it. You want to offer consistency in your brand, which means no weak links in your content. According to Marketing Magazine, this means leveraging your budget to ensure that every aspect of your marketing strategy is working seamlessly.

2. Look At Your Competitors
If you want to stand out in an age so rich in video, you’ll need to study what your competitors are doing and see how you can do it differently or better. For even more inspiration, look beyond your industry at anyone making interesting video content. Marketing Magazine points to TV channels that create extra content for their websites. Ask yourself: How do they separate this media from what they air on TV? What about it reels in an audience? Identifying what makes good video content will help you create yours.

x_0_0_0_14125252_800Some marketing experts argue that content is more valuable than video quality when it comes to online videos.


3. Serve a Purpose
While video quality counts, the content is still worth more. Your videos should serve a purpose, like to educate or entertain. If the content is interesting, your viewers will respond to it. MediaMiser, a media monitoring and analysis software provider, said it’s better to focus on creating the content than perfecting it. While certain quality details – like sound – do make a difference, making videos that portray your brand identity and exhibit a passion for the subject or industry is what counts when it comes to captivating an audience.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself
If you’re creating video content, the last thing you’ll want to do is limit where you share it . Don’t just share your videos on your website – post them on YouTube and other social platforms and get them out there for people to see. The more exposure you seek, the more views you’ll get. You’ll also give your audience more chances to share the video themselves. You can further expand how you share by repurposing content so each platform gets a unique experience.

Despite any challenges, online video is a great platform for any company in virtually any industry. The ways that consumers engage are always evolving, but online video has maintained an impressive growth. Now is the right time to take advantage of this medium – when it can be cost-effective and show a return on investment.


Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams has been working with affiliate networks and ad technology since 2005. He has driven millions of dollars in sales and leads for many of the worlds most popular brands.

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