5 Basics You Need For Effective Lead Generation

As a mark of an effective sales funnel, lead generation is an important metric for marketing. However, few marketers actually feel that their lead gen campaigns are useful. To make sure you’re creating the most leads,  here are five basic tips and techniques you’ll need to follow:

1. Create Irresistible Offers
Entice your leads by making an offer they can’t refuse, so to speak. There are certain keywords that can induce a psychological response that increase your offer’s appeal. In other words, while your product or service may be great, the way you present it needs to be greater. It should create a sense of urgency and need in your potential leads.

For example, one of these keywords is “scarcity.” When something is in short supply or only available for a limited amount of time, it creates a sense of exclusivity. Whoever is lucky enough to get in on the opportunity feels that they have been given a special experience.

It can also work to show how popular something is. As unique as people wish to be, they also don’t want to feel left out. If you can prove your product or service’s impact with numbers, it can be a great way to reel in potential customers.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to tailor these offers to different stages of your sales funnel to guide your leads through it. If your leads are at the later stages of buying, you don’t want to provide them basic educational materials, like you would for those who are just beginning the process. Use a variety of product formats with varied, interesting language to engage your leads and see the deal through to the end.

“You can’t settle for anything less than amazing when it comes to CTAs.”

2. Use A Superior Call To Action
If you aren’t using effective calls to action, you’re missing out on an important aspect of lead generation. CTAs are essential for driving conversions, so you can’t settle for anything less than amazing when it comes to this part of your marketing.

First, make sure they’re visible. You don’t want website visitors to gloss over your CTA, so make it visually enticing and place it in a spot where it can’t be missed.

Next, don’t think too hard about what it says. In fact, the more straightforward you are, the better. Marketers can get caught up trying to be pithy or clever in a CTA, but the result ends up confusing viewers and driving them away. Instead, help it stand out with color and position it strategically. For example, a “thank you” page that follows an action on your site is prime real estate for a CTA.

3. Enhance Your Landing Pages
In many cases, your CTAs will link to landing pages, which are vital to lead generation. According to MarketingSherpa, landing pages are effective for 94 percent of B2B and B2C companies. Clearly, you don’t want to let this part of your website falter.

The anatomy of a landing page isn’t very complex. You need a headline that matches the corresponding CTA, a brief description accompanied by an image and a form to collect information. You’ll also want to make sure visitors aren’t encouraged to move away from the page. You can delete your main navigation bar to do so.

Just as with your CTAs, the mantra for landing pages is to keep it simple. That means a clean, informative page that is clarifying, not confusing. If you’re looking to boost their effect, having more landing pages can be beneficial. The more content on your site, the more opportunities you get to generate leads.

Keep your landing pages and their respective forms simple to enhance their effectiveness.

4. Optimize Your Forms
Forms are an important part of your landing page. They’ll help you gather information to convert leads.

While there is no exact right way to build the forms for your pages, some suggest that shorter is better. Long forms can look like a lot of work and visitors may avoid them altogether because of it. You don’t necessarily have to limit how much information you ask for, though. You can shorten the form visually by tightening the space between fields. However, the best way to determine these aspects is by testing them out for your company and target audience.

Another tip is to avoid using the word “submit.” Instead, associate the form with a specific action to let visitors know what they’re getting out of it, like “download our whitepaper.”

5. Generate Through Multiple Channels
While we’ve been discussing the many ways your website plays an instrumental role in lead generation, you’ll need to spread your efforts to other platforms. Some channels to consider are blogs, emails, social media and search engine optimization. By targeting buyers in a place that’s convenient for them, these avenues can help you significantly increase your outreach and overall success with lead generation.

With these tips, you have the tools to improve your overall marketing strategy. Lead generation is one of the most important steps in creating an effective sales funnel and increasing revenue, which is why it deserves your time and attention. For further reading, be sure to check out our ebook, “Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Lead Generation.”


Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams has been working with affiliate networks and ad technology since 2005. He has driven millions of dollars in sales and leads for many of the worlds most popular brands.

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