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Advanced Email and Multi-Channel Marketing

DigiWorld Partners had the honor to sit down with Ariel Roberge, head of Carma Marketing Hub’s North American operations. In our interview, we discussed advanced email and multi-channel marketing (as employed by Carma’s software solution), as well as how they help their clients reach beyond just email marketing using their advanced platform.


As of 2015, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts across the Internet, with this figure expected to grow to 5.6 billion in 2019. Meanwhile, 66% of these ~4 million have made a purchase online as a result of email marketing messages, as of 2013. These statistics show a massive, present-day presence of email and email marketing on the consumer side.  But what about businesses? In 2014, 55% of businesses reported 10 percent (or more) sales being generated from emailIn the same year, 88% of marketers who employed email marketing reported a positive ROI. Meanwhile, it’s even better for businesses who make usage of targeted marketing. In the United States, consumers say that targeted email marketing (based on their previous purchases and other customer data) made to them after a purchase is 81% more likely to convince them to make another purchase than other forms of marketing. For businesses and consumers alike, email marketing seems like the way to go. However, email isn’t the only marketing platform. For this reason, advanced email and multi-channel marketing (that is, marketing that takes advantage of the multiple channels of communication available with consumers) is prominent now more than ever, and this prominence is only going to grow as more and more people shop online and use the Internet regularly. Using the multiple channels available for marketers (email, web, in-app, SMS), digital marketing is growing into a larger behemoth than it’s ever been. To learn more about the latest innovations in email marketing, watch our full interview with Ariel Roberge on this page or continue reading the article below.

Ariel’s History

Ariel Roberge is an experienced marketer who focuses on email marketing. Ariel has been working online for twenty years, and was involved in ecommerce since the founding of Amazon. He participated in a few startups, B2B projects, acted as a consultant to major banks for 12 years, and five years ago he joined a company based out of Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in 1-to-1 Digital Marketing. This company’s name is Carma Marketing Hub. Taking advantage of their full suite of features is known as multi-channel marketing, which can be a huge boon to sales, data collection and data analytics. These channels are web, email, SMS and mobile apps. Effective data collection and marketing in these areas can result in a large return on investment and a higher conversion rate, both huge boons for ecommerce businesses. Carma’s goal is to allow their clients to leverage the data they have on customers and create detailed customer journeys with interactive messaging.

Advanced Email Marketing

This advanced email marketing system allows an automated system to follow up on initial purchase, the first engagement. In most buyer’s journeys, buying the product is the end: marketing afterward for repeat business is the usual goal of this kind of marketing. Interactions that continue in this post/during-purchase phase can be automated by surveys and promotions being sent to the buyer through email. Their software allows people to profile different clients based on their interests, automatically. This saves manpower and allows less-technically savvy people to manage their platform. This can be applied in both B2B and ecommerce. However, the emails being sent out through this program aren’t the same for every customer. In traditional online marketing, businesses gather data based on what the customer has purchased and looked at to create buyer profiles. From there, emails are created that fit each buyer profile, and while, say, one buyer profile may equate to, say, 7% of buyers, there’s still the remaining 93% of buyers who need to be profiled. In the past, this process of profiling and writing personalized messages for the people who fit those profiles could take weeks, or months. It required extra manpower, usually hiring marketing managers. Nowadays marketing managers can just manage the flow instead of doing the gruntwork, and the platform can do most of the work automatically. Using the platform’s Segmentation and Personalized Content Engine, a process that used to take up to a month can now be done in a few days.

Apps, Web, Advanced Email and Multi-Channel Marketing

However, Carma Marketing Hub doesn’t focus solely on email marketing. Their focus is advanced email and multi-channel marketing. Customers today are going to approach you on more than just one channel, so having multi-channel marketing in place is fairly important. Apps, in particular, add an extra element of interaction to purchases and customer interactions, such as providing better communications or discounts. Businesses who can take advantage of advanced email and multi-channel marketing (usually ecommerce and dating sites) can benefit from this kind of system, especially if they start with it from day one. Over time, the program can actually start creating and managing behavioral data. As Ariel explains, behavioral data in the dating context can be seen in someone who most often clicks, say, blonde girls instead of brunette. This preference isn’t being explicitly stated to the site, but it is being implicitly demonstrated, and the site can start showing better results based on that. Behavior like this can be tracked on apps, websites and even (albeit in a more limited form) in email communications. Combining behavioral data from multiple channels can lead to more effective advanced email and multi-channel marketing solutions. This can be significantly more effective than traditional on-site advertisements. Patterns like these benefit a marketer’s ability to more easily target market segments and client profiles.

Ideal Clients and Content Marketing

An ideal client for Ariel’s business is anyone who has customer data that they can leverage. Size doesn’t matter that much. Some clients, however, make the mistake of thinking they can handle marketing in-house and as an afterthought, creating mass-messages to send out. These clients usually discover that this is more difficult than they thought, so they come to the company for assistance. In addition to all that Carma offers with marketing and advertising, they also offer Content Management Software. CMS is a key part of the company’s offering, in addition to its advanced email and multi-channel marketing tools. This CMS boasts the following features:

  • It allows an entire content marketing team to work on content simultaneously.
  • The software prioritizes user-friendliness above technical expertise, so less training and less employees are required to use it properly. Without advanced technical knowledge as a requirement, more business experts can use the software effectively.
  • The ability to reuse elements from old advertising campaigns, such as page banners.
  • Easy building and testing of segments without needing an SQL database expert. As long as the person understands the data, they can create segments to market to.

Machine Learning and What’s Next For Carma Marketing HUB

As you may have gathered from previous points in the article, Carma Marketing is all about utilizing customer data analytics for advanced forms of targeted advertising and search results. This is called Machine Learning, and Carma hopes to use it to create new marketing segments and find new ways to market to those segments. For more email tips & tricks, read “Why List Segmentation is a Must for Email Marketing“.