DigiWorld Partners Marketing Approach

Phase I

During the first phase, we work on understanding your business, your current goals, problems and budget. We work on understanding your competition and market by conducting a Market Analysis. We also work on understanding your customer’s behavior by conducting a Data analysis.

Once we have a firm understanding of your needs, we ensure that all your advertising is trackable by setting up Analytics, Heat mapping and Call Tracking.  DigiWorld makes sure the important goals are watched and that your customer’s on site behavior is analyzed in order to make incremental changes to improve conversion rates.

Phase 2

Using our knowledge of the market and your business, the DigiWorld team builds a custom marketing strategy that will best help to achieve your goals. We select the optimal advertising channels for reaching your customers then build out a reflecting Marketing Calendar. After the placement is finalized we work with you to get content and creatives made. 

Phase 3

When all of the creatives are complete, we build the ad campaigns and do a final quality control for all targeting and tracking before we start running any advertisements.

During the first month of running advertisements ( the Warm Up), we keep a close eye on tracking, targeting performance, customer behavior and placement performance to ensure no problems stand in the way of our plans to scale up and optimize.

Phase 4

After the Warm Up, we enter the Ongoing Advertising stage. During this time, DigiWorld Partners continuously optimizes the performance and improving the strategy. Each month, we report the campaigns performance and our overall data observations, then we discuss with you our plans for the new month.

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DigiWorld Partners has been great for getting us new business. Their knowledge of multi-channel marketing and their vast network of connections have landed us some large clients that we would have never gotten without DigiWorld’s involvement.


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All Advertising Systems

  • google adwords
  • adroll
  • youtube
  • yahoo
  • waze
  • twitter
  • taboola
  • spotify
  • snapchat
  • pulsepoint
  • pinterest
  • outbrain
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  • instagram
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