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Is affiliate marketing good for you?

As we listen to your business pains and goals, we will determine if your offer can benefit from one of the most powerful performance based methods available - affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is quite simply having other people sell your offer on a performance basis. You only pay them for an action you want - a lead or a sale. The affiliate marketing world is vast and powerful. Knowing how to make products marketable via affiliate marketing has been our team experience since 2005.

We can provide a fully outsourced program management solution and take care of setting up your offer, sales funnels, payment processing, affiliate tracking platform and most important - getting the right affiliates to drive traffic to your offer.

But of course we take care of search, display, native ads & digital radio too!

The question we always get: “Are you doing Google Adwords?” No we are not, we are doing web marketing that suits your needs.

Your business is unique. Your online marketing campaigns should be too. We have mastered the art of building effective advertising campaigns that meet your business goals.

We focus on providing you with the best omni-channel marketing plan for your business using Search Marketing, Display, Video, Digital Radio, Content Marketing, App Install Campaigns, Shopping & Amazon Marketing. 

Google Premier Partner

A Google Premier Partner is recognized by Google as a company that meets high advertising standard across all managed accounts, delivering excellent overall performance and growth for our clients. All adwords media buying is carried out by Google Certified team members.

DigiWorld Partners is data driven

Every web decision should be made considering data. That’s why, as well as being experts in web advertising, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to data analysis and campaign KPIs. 

Our awareness, sales, lead generation and remarketing campaigns are always rooted in data. Information about of your company, your customers and your market make a campaign perform well since it is more targeted and relevant to your audience.

Tracking & Reporting 

All of our campaigns are tracked and reported from each advertising platform to your site. Before we start your first campaign, we ensure your goals and conversions are being tracked correctly so future data and decisions can be made with the most optimal information.

What if I need results now but can’t wait to build a new website?

We’ll build the Landing Pages you need and start right away

Designing a separate landing page to your website can be very beneficial. A designated landing page  ensures the content is specific and fine tuned for the audience with a clear goal and action for them to take without the risk of losing them to another page or message.

Combined with your SEM campaign, the landing page eliminates the dissonance between your offer and the visitor intent, ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

All Advertising Networks

Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Taboola, Outbrain, Waze, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, AdRoll, Pulse Point, Apple Search, Amazon, Google Shopping, and More. 

Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns allow you to be there when people are looking for the product/service that you offer.

Using keywords, we can target searches across multiple search engines, expanding your company visibility by markets; services/products; and customer queries.

Branding Campaigns

Branding campaigns help a brand become more known and visible in a market.

Their purpose is to be seen by as many people as possible so when they are ask who you are and what you do they can at least remember you.

This can be achieved through a number of advertising types (search, social, video, radio, etc) where to ad and targeting are made to be seen more than anything else.

Radio Advertising

Digital radio like Google Play Music and Spotify are replacing traditional radio due to their accessibility and variety.

This has also lead to a one-to-one listening experience for users, allowing advertisers to narrow down their ad targeting to more reactive people better than the large geographic and demographic targeting that traditional radio advertising offers.

Youtube Campaigns

Video is one of the most completing forms for advertising for it allows you to tell a story and create a deep emotional connection with the viewer.

With 6 out of 10 people preferring online video platforms to live TV, it is no wonder that the average mobile session lasts more than 40 minutes.

Using advanced targeting, you can speak directly to people based on their age, interests, and what kind of video they are watching. Allowing for optimal placement for your goal; branding, outreach, remarketing, even awareness.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are great for any e-commerce company. Adding the ability to feature your catalogue in searches (Google/ Amazone) can introduce you to a customer earlier in the sales cycle allowing them to make a purchase decision with you right in front of them.

When you show them what they are looking for, price and availability, it saves them the act of going to your site and looking for it. Effective cutting out steps that risk them leaving to other stores.

Display & HTML5 Campaigns

One the the best ways to create campaign repetition and brand recognition is to be where your customers are.

Using display networks, you can show your customers your message and brand in a variety of ways (static images, gifs, mini movies [HTML5]) all over the internet, on a variety of sites they visit.

From targeting people on specific sites who are in-the-market for your offer, or have been to your website; you can stay top of mind by ensuring you are seen and thus remembered.

Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

One of the best ways to help your sales is to remarket to people who have abandoned their cart and or looked at particular products but did not add them to a cart.

But this needs to be done by showing them the products they viewed/addondoned.

Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns do just that by dynamically inserting the products in display ads.

App Install Campaign

When you have an App you are one off millions in the app store, one of hundreds in a category.

App Install Campaigns help people find your App(s) through off store and in store advertising.

Allowing your app to be found in searches or on social media; boosts it’s visibility with your customers and thus increases its download and use.

Content Campaign

Content Campaigns use published articles, blogs, public relation pieces to market your service/ produces.

These tend to be passive and informative - often used at the start of the sales cycle when people are starting to research and learn. 

Content Campaigns give you the opportunity to inform your customers and help them along the sales process by offering your solution.

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DigiWorld Partners has been great for getting us new business. Their knowledge of multi-channel marketing and their vast network of connections have landed us some large clients that we would have never gotten without DigiWorld’s involvement.


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All Advertising Systems

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