Search Engine Optimization: Optimized For 2018 & Beyond

What Sets DigiWorld Partners Apart From “Every Other” SEO?

Three simple things:

  1. Hands-on business experience, with “skin in the game”Our SEO strategy is based on what’s worked for our businesses. We’re as invested in its success as you are.

  2. Long-term thinking, short-term executionWe don’t look at “what works” right now; we look at where search is going, and what types of sites Google wants to rank. Then we create a strategy to achieve those milestones and we execute.

  3. Transparent, no-nonsense reporting. More than “white hat”, we follow a “white glove” approach. Reporting is in-depth or laid back- whatever works best for you. A video analysis is included every month 

Our Approach: What Good SEO’s Everywhere Should Be Doing

On-Site Direction - From the website structure, to guidance regarding layout and design, our team works hand in hand with your teams to ensure success.

Content Strategy - Strategizing - You’ve probably heard that “content is king”, but what does that mean? Let us help you build your kingdom. 

Reputation & Authority - We work to turn you into an industry authority by sharing the great content we’re creating with people that want to see it. Social channels, the blogsphere, and influencers… all of them are on our radar.

Data Analysis - What are our efforts actually doing? We can paint that picture because we closely track the metrics that matter.

No Ego’s, Just Decisions - If there’s one rule of effective SEO, it’s this: data sets the pace. We listen to what the data is telling us and apply learnings. Because of this, we review our strategies quarterly to ensure continued performance.

Thinking Of Coming On But Unsure of What Comes Next?
We Keep it Simple:

100% transparency, coming at you...

First Month:

  1. We learn about your business - Our first call goes into depth about your business and goals. We don’t talk keywords here, we talk business. This information empowers the next step.

  2. We research the online competitive landscape - Who are your digital competitors, where are they ranking, and what are they doing well? We’ll answer those questions in the first month of working  together.
  3. We steer the ship - Now that we better understand your business and goals, we put those learnings to work as we review your website. We provide direction on technical factors, user experience, layout, and more. Everything a website needs to get a little love from Google.


Second Month:

  1. We continue on-site work - If we weren’t able to tackle all the on-site deliverables in the first month, we continue in month two. 
  2. We review learnings from initial changes - Changes we made 2-3 weeks ago to the site should now be coming into effect. We check to ensure they’re doing what they’re supposed to.
  3. We build and execute on our content strategy - We research the topics related to your industry people are search for and create a content strategy to ensure your business is found when the search is performed.
  4. We share your content - The offsite component begins as we start sharing your content and getting eyes on your page.


Third Month:

  1. We continue our content strategy - Content is king, your highness.
  2. We continue sharing your content - Link building, social promotion, and engaging with your audience: all inclusive of our SEO methodology.
  3. We refine on-site experience based on learnings - Using data gained over the past two months, additional on-site changes may be recommended.
  4. We audit the campaign performance - If it’s not trending in the right direction, we analyze why and refocus our approach. We aren’t wrong often, but when we are, we adapt quickly. Ego’s have no place in SEO.


Don't take our word for it

see what our clients have to say

Before coming to DigiWorld Partners, we went thru two agencies, two website makeovers and two rebrands - all resulting in no sales. Very frustrating and expensive.

The team at DigiWorld really listened to our needs and provided us results within our budget - all while educating us along the way with what they were doing and where.

Our SEO has never been better. We went from ranking in the 30’s to top 3 for all of our main keywords in a matter of months. And we LOVE Cameron and his seo video reports! They are the best!

Now we have entrusted DigiWorld to take our sales to the next level thru Affiliate Marketing :)


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